G.I. Josie – Nonprofit for Female PTSD & MST

What Does a Day In The Life At The Ranch Look Like?

Our residents are not held to a strict regimen, however, there are a few
schedules that must be met in order for things to run smoothly.


Mornings begin around 6am. Depending upon the number of residents/children in the home, showers will have to be staggered so everyone who wants a shower will have that chance. Some residents/children will prefer to shower/bathe in the evening, which is fine.

Breakfast is next. Everyone needs a good breakfast! Our chickens will provide the eggs needed for a hot meal of eggs, hash browns, toast and bacon, but residents can always opt for oatmeal or cold cereal and fruit. Breakfast cooking duty is on a rotating schedule. Breakfast clean-up is on rotating duty.

After breakfast, children are delivered to school or day care, and the residents begin their daily responsibilities. Some will have household chore duties, some will have appointments at the VA, some will have riding therapy.

All residents, unless sick, will be out doing something. Those who want to work and are qualified will help with the transport of timber from the Vega property. Those that want to do volunteer work in the community can do that. Some may want to go back to school. This is not a prison where everyone does everything at the same time. Our residents are adults who are working towards independence free from combat pain. Getting out and doing things will go a long way towards helping them reach their goals.



When residents begin to return from their day, there will be homework for the children to do, reading time, etc. This can be the down time needed for mom and child to be together for a while. This down time will also work well with our single vets in that they will have an array of things they can do – groom horses, take a walk, meditate in the meditation center, read a book, write a letter home, or just chill.



Dinner time will be between 4:00 and 7:00 staggered. Most everyone is on their own for this meal. If what they need is not in their refrigerator, there is plenty of food in the pantry, all theirs for the taking. This is food donated by the local food bank and farmer’s markets. They may take what they need.

After dinner, everyone will be required to police up their own dishes, load their dishes into the dishwasher and throw away any garbage they have created. There will be one person on the schedule who will make sure the kitchen is cleaned and free of food on the counters and tables. The floors will be swept, as well. If, during the night someone needs a midnight snack, that is perfectly ok providing the resident clean up after herself completely.

Between dinner and bedtime is their own to do with what they wish.


On Sunday mornings, G.I. Josie will provide a breakfast for all residents in the main barn. Breakfast cooking duty is on a rotating schedule; one person from each house. Residents will be encouraged to join in the community meal, but participation is not mandatory. This is where, as a group, residents can share their week’s progress, what is on the plate for the following week, concerns and suggestions.

Sundays will generally be a day for relaxing. Residents will rotate morning horse care on a weekly basis. If an activity is not planned, or if the resident wishes not to participate, this is the day for reading, playing, taking your horse for a walk, going to church, lounging around and regrouping to prepare for the following week.

Residents are free to roam the property at any time of the day or night. We will have security on site from sunset to sunrise, as well as security dogs to ensure everyone’s safety. We ask only that if a resident wants to go out after dark, that she let someone know her plans at the security office in the Main Barn. If the resident wishes an after dark escort for any reason, security will provide that service. Residents are also encouraged to use horses after dark. They see much better at night than humans, as do dogs.

Our therapists have four legs and eat a whole lot of kibble, oats, and hay!

Our conceptual barn and ranch style living quarters

This is a very open overview of a day at G.I. Josie.
Because life does not always follow our plans, adjustments have to be made and are flexible to meet unexpected needs. 

All facility and activity imagery used throughout this website is conceptual in nature to help our supporters, sponsors, and future residents understand our vision, mission, and goals.