G.I. Josie Donations

There’s an old saying that “Time is money”. But for some female veterans and their children, “Time takes money”

It’s time to give back to those that gave. Time to do what’s right.

G.I. Josie greatly appreciates your support and donation of any size. Together WE WILL provide time and life-saving support to our veterans and their children.


Please Note: Josie has chosen PayPal as our preferred payment option in order that 97.5% of your generous donation be put to work for the benefit our women veterans. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. However, we are sure you would agree that utilizing 97.5% with PayPal rather than the 66.5% Josie would receive because of exorbitant credit card merchant fees is a better use of not only your hard earned money but also your desire to support our women veterans.

As an alternative, you may donate via check mailed to GI Josie at 4 Bayview Rd., Castroville, Cal 95012.

We appreciate your understanding and are grateful for your donation.

Thank you.