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Female Vets: A Soldier’s Story

Host Val Zavala brings you the story of Angie Peacock, an Army veteran who suffered from post traumatic stress disorder and sexual assault. Peacock talks about overcoming the various stages of her life while coping with addiction, depression, and a failed marriage.

In this 2009 “SoCal Connected” story, Peacock documents her journey as she enrolls in a specialized 12-week sexual trauma program called Renew at Long Beach Veterans Affairs.

“There’s definitely a need for specialized treatment for women. I do not want to be the only female in the VA in a treatment with a bunch of men,” explained Peacock. “I don’t want to be around that military mentality. That is what victimized me in the first point and brought me to this point.”

In 2007, only eight percent of all reported military sexual assaults went to court, and the vast majority of attacks aren’t reported at all. Additionally, people are four times likely to develop PTSD following sexual trauma than they are combat trauma, according to psychologist Dr. Lori Katz.

Zavala sat down with psychologists and representatives from Long Beach Veterans Affairs for more information about Renew, as well as the need for more specialized programs for female veterans.