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As seven sailors are mourned, Navy admiral commends crew for heroic efforts

Gunner’s mate Seaman Dakota Rigsby, Yeoman 3rd Class Shingo Douglass, Sonar Tech 3rd Class Ngoc Huynh, Gunner’s Mate 2nd Class Noe Hernandez, Fire Controlman 2nd Class Carlos Sibayan, Personnel Specialist 1st Class Xavier Martin, Fire Controlman 1st Class Gary Rehm, Jr. – may you all rest in peace. Thank you for your dedicated service and sacrifice. You will not be forgotten.

A top Navy admiral acknowledged Sunday that the destroyer Fitzgerald was in danger of sinking after a catastrophic collision off the coast of Japan Saturday and was saved by the “heroic efforts” of her crew that “had to fight very hard to keep the ship afloat.”

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Laurabeth Messimer