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Betty Withrow – Creative Storytelling

Betty has lived and worked in southern Big Sur since 1973.

She is a writing and creativity coach, specializing in helping women who are ready to regroup, to make changes in their lives, step out of burnout and into a more rewarding and productive life. She is passionate about freeing up creativity in women so they can express themselves fully in writing and the arts. She believes that expressing ourselves through language is a potent way to transform the meaning of our experiences, and give value to what we have lived, to ourselves and to the world.

She is the author of “Prevail: Seven Keys to Create a Personal Victory.” “Prevail” tells her story of rising from extreme abuse as a child to living a life that is full, happy and rewarding. Along with her own story, Betty shares the key qualities to use positivity in transforming your experiences to create a better reality. “Prevail” is the keynote of a program that is designed to help you make the most of this precious life, reconnecting with what matters to you, and defining your own success.