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Jennifer D’Attilio – M.S., CCC-SLP

Jennifer D’Attilio, M.S., CCC-SLP is our Child Education Advocate.

Shas served as the Director of Speech and Language Services at Central Coast Language and Learning for the past fourteen years. Previously Jennifer served as the Clinical Coordinator of the Speech Pathology Department at Natividad Medical Center where she facilitated the first neurodevelopmental team in the NICU. This experience allowed her expertise in pediatric feeding and swallowing for pre-mature and at risk infants who suffer from feeding disorders.

She is also trained in voice treatment for patients with Parkinson’s Disease and continues to treat adults suffering from aphasia, dysphagia, voice disorders and communication difficulties. She is an instructor for San Jose State University’s Department of Speech and Language Pathology, and supervises graduate students in their internships and clinical fellowships. Jennifer has provided local and national trainings on best practices in early intervention, private practice issues, feeding and swallowing as well as parent training.