G.I. Josie – Nonprofit for Female PTSD & MST
Marv Rubin
Marv Rubin, RN, Navy Vet, Army Vet

Marv Rubin joins the Josie team as our Medical Liaison.

I suffer from moderate PTSD and severe depression. Although I cannot specifically relate to the traumas experienced by the Josie veteran, a trauma is a trauma.

While winding my way through treatment at the VA I noticed a very conspicuous lack of female vets. This realization was saddening as I know women need the same intense psychological/psychiatric treatment as men, yet the VA is not conducive to assist the female warrior.

As an RN I also became aware of the need for additional practitioners for women. Suicide rates of veterans, both female and male, are occurring at alarming and unacceptable rates. I am hoping my presence at G.I. Josie will make a difference in the life of at least one young woman who otherwise might not see her next birthday.