G.I. Josie – Nonprofit for Female PTSD & MST
Justin Baker, Army Vet / Dave Ramos, Army Vet, Veteran’s Take Charge Radio Show hosts, KSCO

Justin Baker and Dave Ramos are our go team to when we need to hit the airwaves.

Both veterans, Justin was an Army Ranger Satellite communications Specialist from 2003-2006, and Dave was an Army combat medic from 2004-2011.

Today, they put their passion to help other veterans to work on their weekly radio show Veterans Take Charge (Sundays, 4pm-6pm, channel 1080, Santa Cruz, Ca.).Veterans Take Charge is dedicated to, for, by, and about veterans, veteran life, the VA, veteran friendly organizations, the community and world we live in, and everything in between.

Listen in.. you may learn a thing or two.